A Gift Guide for Bloggers, influencers & content creators that will help you get the perfect gift for the content creator in your life.

Are you feeling stuck on what to get the influencer or blogger in your life for the holidays?

In this blog, i’ll be sharing a holiday gift guide for bloggers, influencers & content creators that will surely impress.

As a blogger and content creator, these are my go to items (some are even on my wish list… *wink*).

From productivity tools like planners and notebooks that keep content ideas organized, to camera gear like lenses and tripods that help create top-notch content I’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to find the perfect gift for the blogger, influencer or content creator in your life.

2023 holiday gift guide for bloggers

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Bloggers And Content Creators

Productivity Tools


If your blogger or influencer is anything like me, they’ll appreciate anything that can help them stay organize and managed their busy schedule.

With multiple platforms to juggle as a blogger, a planner can often help them keep track of content ideas, collaborations and upcoming events and deadlines.

Look for a planner with a clean and functional design with lots of space for notes.


In addition to a planner, a notebook is another must-have for influencers. It’s a place where they can jot down ideas, brainstorm new concepts, and keep track of important information. Opt for a notebook with high-quality paper that won’t bleed through, and consider one with a stylish cover that reflects their personality. Whether they prefer a classic black journal or a vibrant patterned notebook, they’ll appreciate having a dedicated space for their creative thoughts.

Planner Stickers

Organization is key in the world of blogging and content creation. A stylish planner helps them schedule posts, plan collaborations, and set goals. Add a touch of fun with colourful and themed planner stickers.


Letterboards are a trendy and customizable way for bloggers to share quotes, announcements, or highlights. They make for great props in photos and can be changed up to match different moods and seasons.

Tech And Gear


One of the most important tools for influencers is their camera. Whether they’re into photography or videography, having a high-quality camera is essential for capturing stunning visuals.

Consider their specific needs and budget when choosing a camera. From compact mirrorless cameras to professional DSLRs, there are options available for every skill level.

My recommendation for beginner content creators is this Mirrorless Camera because it’s affordable, easy to use, and great for pictures and videos. Even better is the fact that you can change out the lenses as you learn more about photo and videography.


For content creators who are passionate about photography, a new lens can take their creativity to the next level. Whether they’re looking to capture wide-angle landscapes or achieve stunning bokeh effects, there’s a lens for every type of shot.

Do some research to find out what type of lens would complement their existing camera setup or consider a versatile lens that can handle a variety of shooting situations.

Hard Drive and Memory Card

As bloggers and influencers create more and more content, the need for storage space increases. A portable hard drive is a practical gift that allows them to store their photos, videos, and other digital files safely. Look for a hard drive with a large capacity and fast transfer speeds, so they can easily back up their files and take them on the go. With the peace of mind knowing their content is secure, they can focus on creating more engaging and shareable content.


A tripod is an essential accessory for influencers who want to achieve steady shots or take self-portraits. Look for a lightweight and adjustable tripod that can be easily carried around and set up in different locations. Consider features like a quick-release plate or a smartphone mount for added convenience. Whether they’re shooting in a studio or out in nature, a tripod will be their trusty companion for capturing professional-looking content.

This is one of my favourites because it’s really compact, but can unfold to 60 inches.

Remote Camera Shutter

Back in the day, when I started taking pictures of myself, I would use my camera timer and then run into position. By the time I was done taking pictures, I would be exhausted fro all the back and forth. Not only that, half of the pictures would be blurry as the shutter went off as I was adjusting into position.

A remote camera shutter is a small yet powerful tool for solo content creators. It allows them to take photos or start recording without having to touch the camera, ensuring crisp shots and smooth videos.

Video Light Kit

Good lighting is the secret ingredient to stunning visuals. This type of lighting is especially great for the content creator looking to make videos on social media or youtube.

Ring Light Kit

A ring light and a portable video light help content creators achieve a professional look, whether shooting videos or taking captivating photos, by providing even and flattering illumination.

Backdrops for Flat Lay Photography

Create a versatile and aesthetically pleasing workspace by gifting a variety of backdrops. From marble textures to rustic wood, these backdrops add depth and style to flatlay photography, making product shots and lifestyle content pop.


Canva Subscription

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform that empowers bloggers and content creators to make eye-catching visuals without the need for advanced design skills. A Canva subscription unlocks premium features and templates, taking their creations to the next level.

Adobe Creative Cloud – Photography Plan

For those who want to dive deeper into graphic design and video editing, an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is a goldmine. It includes powerful tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, allowing creators to unleash their full creative potential.

Good Reads For Bloggers & Content Creators

A good book can be a source of inspiration and knowledge. Consider gifting books on their niche, photography techniques, or creative writing to fuel their passion and broaden their skill set. Here are some examples of great books for bloggers and content creators.

For a full list of my book recommendations check out my list of favourite things.

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